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PET Engineering plastic - reclaimed from waste yarn & bottle

PET-G RESIN is produced by DU PONT with the brand name of RYNITE.

It is a polyethylene terephthalic (pet) resin contains uniformly dispersed glass or mica/glass combination.

Experimentally, there is a chemical bond established between the PET and the glass or mica/glass particles, thus greatly enhancing strength and stiffness properties. Additionally, RYNITE resin offer excellent dimensional stability, outstanding chemical and heat resistance, and inherently good electric properties. This coupled with competitive price, leads to high value in-use. (price at Taiwan US$5.50/KG).

From the above description, it is quite clean to understand that RYNITE is only good for injection , because the IV value of RYNITE is at medium range and couldn’t be used as extrusion material to produce profile articles such as Pipes, Channels. Angles, Plate and Slate -- the application field of this resin is districted.

Compare to RYNITE, our ULTLON has the same composition but is the higher molecular weight species (high IV), and suitable for extrusion purpose. So it has unlimited market field. Especially for large volume articles such as movable Water-closet, Bath-toilet unit, Case of refrigerator, Washer, Kitchen wears, large dia. Pipe (up to 2400f ) by secondary process such as hot press, vacuum forming of ULTLON plate. The most attracting of all these is the price of ULTLON (less than 1/3 of that of RYNITE because it is reclaimed from waste of yarn & PET bottle).

Combination of the low price and high quality (stronger than polycarbonate resin), ULTRON is surely not only the menace to the RYNITE but also really to all kind of thermoplastic engineering resin, and will become king of ENGINEERING PLASTICS in future.

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